BFP or evap line on an FRER?


Today is 8dp3dt. I took an FRER at 1pm. It looked negative. A few minutes (maybe 5 or something) I thought I saw something. I took it outside and saw the faintest line you will ever see. My DH and my mom could both see it, but it is EXTREMELY faint and was in the pinkish general hue I suppose. Well, 2.5 hours later I took another FRER and there was no line.

Could this really have been a BFP? Do FRER’s even have evaps? Im obviously going to wait longer, not drink liquid and take one right before bed and in the morning. Anyone think Im being fooled. ugh–this sucks…


Did you test again? When I was pregnant the first time I got a VERY faint positive. Then went and got a digital and it was negative. But the next morning every test I took was positive (although still faint). Keep us posted!


Hi ladies
There is still ‘something’ there, but it is so extremely light–likely five times lighter than your faint positives. I am going to just write it off. I will be technically 9dp3dt at 1pm today. I got a faint, but definite BFP with my son on the evening of 7dp3dt. Whenever I have gotten negatives in the past, there is no questio at all that its negative. I hate that I even took a test cause Im sure its just nothing.



It could definitely be the real thing! That’s what happened with my first BFP (also FRER) with the twins I’m carrying (I was 4dp5dt- super early, but don’t forget there was twice the hcg in my system). It was SO light, I had to bring it over near the window and let sunlight hit it to make out the faint line. My husband even said he didn’t think he saw anything, but I knew something was there! I took another FRER the next morning and it was a bit darker… a definite line.

I think I recognize you from The Bump… I saw your post yesterday saying that you thought you were out of the running. My fingers are crossed for you that this is IT!!! Hang in there!


I had evap lines that were pretty strong with FRER on a failed beta. Never had a positive digital that time so that is what I tend to trust.