BFP or evap line on FRER??


Today is 8dp3dt. I took an FRER at 1pm. It looked negative. A few minutes (maybe 5 or something) I thought I saw something. I took it outside and saw the faintest line you will ever see. My DH and my mom could both see it, but it is EXTREMELY faint and was in the pinkish general hue I suppose. Well, 2.5 hours later I took another FRER and there was no line.

Could this really have been a BFP? Do FRER’s even have evaps? Im obviously going to wait longer, not drink liquid and take one right before bed and in the morning. Anyone think Im being fooled. ugh–this sucks.


If your mum and DH can see it too and it’s within the timeframe for the test to work, I’d say it’s real! I had the same thing with one of my pregnancies, a faint line then nothing on the next test a few hrs later but the next morning it was back again! I’ll cross everything for you! Good luck! xoxoxo