BFP or evap line?!


Hi all!
So today I am 5dp6dt. I decided to poas today since I have gotten BFP’s with both of my last FETs by day 5 after transfer. Well when i poas, at first i thought it was negative, but just as i was about to toss it i saw a tiney bit of a line… sooooooo barely barely there I almost didnt see it. Do u all see it in this pic?? If so is this an evap line or BFP, my bfp’s in the past have always been so much darker. These pics were taken about 5-10 min after i POAS. Thanks!! If they are bfps, is it bad that they are this light on 5dp6dt? :pray:
Please check the pics out, follow links below, let me know what u all think!


I tested yesterday and today and got the same if you read the directions it says any line even faint is a positive but its hard to believe it my fear is that it might just be my trigger I had my ET on the 18 and trigger 11th going to test tomorrow morning and then just wait till beta GL to you hope it really is a :bfp:


sounds like we transfered on the same day!! What day embryo was your transfer? Good luck to you!!!


I assume since you had a FET you didn’t do a trigger shot?! If that is accurate then this is the real deal. With mine I thought I saw a super faint on 6dp5dt (which is pretty much the same day as your FET faint). The following day it was much more obvious.
:cross: yours continues to get darker. :bsv:


I see a definite faint :bfp: . I had something very similar at 5dp6dt. My :bfp: got noticeably darker at 7dpt. So, stay optimistic even if tomorrow’s line is faint too, keep in mind doubling time can be 48 hours.

This is a very good sign…cautiously optimistic!

:babydust: :bsv: :babydust:


I def see a line-- it’s still early- so I’d test again…I got a very faint line like that the morning of 5dp6dt and that night it was much darker…good luck!!! Also I think Evaps are colorless and in a wonky spot