BFP that doesn't get darker?


Has anyone had any luck with hpts that don’t get any darker? I’ve had a faint BFP since 5dp5dt. I had a hospital grade test which very slowly got slightly darker at 5.5dpt and 6dpt. But they took a long time to turn. Then I ran out of those tests and so I used FRER this morning and it was more faint than the hospital tests, which makes sense so that’s ok. But then tonight I held it since noon and took another test at 7pm. This one was another FRER and it was lighter than this morning. I’m getting concerned since my last pregnancy at 7dp5dt the line was definitely dark.


The darkness of the line really, truly doesn’t have to do with “how” pregnant you are. They’re simply not designed for that. Even tests from the same lot, same make, all of that can have little differences that affect the darkness. They’re only designed to tell you yes or no reliably, with no quantitative info. For peace of mind, you’ll have to get a couple of betas to see that it’s doubling correctly. :.)


What’s funny is that I tell people that very same thing all the time. But it’s tough when my last pregnancy it definitely darkened over time. I just don’t understand why every test would be so light. It makes no sense to me scientifically. If this were an experiment at work we would take it apart piece by piece and figure out why and then redo the experiment. It’s driving me crazy. Beta isn’t until Tuesday.


lol! Knpoduch, you took the words out of my mouth. You are the QUEEN of giving this council. Think like a scientist! :slight_smile: I know it’s hard to take your own advice to heart when you are in the throes of the tww. I can’t wait to hear what your beta is on Tuesday.


And if it’s any consolation, my tests on 6dtp and 8dpt were about the same light color, but my betas were fine. xo


That’s really funny! I don’t blame you at all. It is kind of weird, and of course, in general, you’d expect to see it trend towards getting darker. Which tests are you using? Maybe they just tend to be light, or their detection threshold is really high or something. You can actually look at; it doesn’t get updated these days but she has a whole table of different tests and what level they’re supposed to detect. You could find out what yours are.


I’ve been using a hospital test that has a sensitivity to 20miu, but I also used FRER which are 25miu as far as I understand. Actually the hospital test finally got a bit darker only 12 hours after the FRER was barely visible. Just going to try to not worry about it since my beta is on Tuesday. Thanks for the support!