BFP then BFN Any Hope?


Hi Ladies,

I apologize for the cross-post but I didn’t get too many responses in on the FET board so I was hoping someone might be able to offer some insight here.

We did a fet cycle this month and transferred two 5 day blasts and one 6 day blast on 1/30/13. It is a medicated cycle but no HCG was used. I had a FRER laying around from my last cycle and tested on Saturday, 2dp5/6dt. I fully expected a negative and wasn’t planning on testing for real until today. To my shock and surprise, it was faintly positive! I took another test in the afternoon and it was darker. Yesterday morning I took another test and it was negative with FMU. I took another one in the afternoon and it was faintly positive. This morning, BFN again. Other than “put the sticks down,” what advice can you give me? Has anyone else been in this situation and had a positive result? Is it possible that one implanted, stopped growing, and another one implanted later? This is pretty much our last shot due to financial reasons. Any success stories/advice are greatly appreciated!


With my daughter we did a fet. I took 11 hpts out which 8 were positive. The sensitivity levels vary from test to test even within the same box of tests. Also your concentration levels could vary depending on how much liquid you’ve been in taking. I’d say your :preg:, and can’t wait to see the beta.


My bfp’s were always darker in the afternoon. No idea why but it sounds very promising for you.


Thanks ladies. I had another BFN today…I’m 5dp5dt. If I didn’t already see that positive and have it disappear I wouldn’t be so concerned about a BFN today. Just hoping that one of those embies had a slow start and is making a home in there right now!