BFP with 10miu/ml tests?


I know that FRER is supposed to be the most sensitive test out there, but I bought a pack of 15 tests on that claim they can detect just 10miu/ml of HCG in your urine (normal tests are usually >25 for sensitivity). I’ve taken 3 tests so far (1 on 7dp3dt and 2 on 8dp3dt). I really expected to get a BFP today, since it looks like most of the POAS addicts get their first BFP around 11dpo. So far, they are all negative. I am wondering if anyone has actually used these tests and gotten a BFP by 11DPO? I’m trying to figure out if they are as sensitive as they claim to be (which might mean this cycle is going to be a bust), or if you just get what you pay for when you get a pack of 15 tests for $15! LOL! Should I just suck it up and buy the FRER tests if I get another negative tomorrow? I guess after all the money I forked over for the IVF, what’s another $10 for pregnancy tests, right? :slight_smile:


They are not as sensitive as they claim to be. I remember a post not long ago from someone else using those tests. She went and got a FRER and got a BFP. I know for a fact FRER are sensitive at least to 8 since I got a faint bfp on the day that my beta was 8.


The line on those tests is so light you have to squint to see it, even when your beta is high. I bought those things and the line barely got dark, even when my beta was 660. The wondfo ones on are much cheaper and work WAY better. I got a BFP on that one just 4dp5dt and the earlypreg still showed negative.


still in the running!

Thanks for the quick replies, girls! That is good news. While I’m a little annoyed that I have a drawer full of worthless tests, at least it means that there’s still hope for this cycle. :clap: I think I’m going to run to the store this evening to pick up a few FR tests. I feel like I am pregnant (no symptoms other than cramping at 6dp3dt and 7dp3dt, but I just have a feeling), so it would easy my mind a great deal to have that BFP!


I got my :bfp: on 7dp3dt with the The line was a squinter on that day. The following day I got a “pregnant” on a Clear Blue Easy digital hpt. The FRER line was not as dark as the ones I bought off the internet when I took it on 14dp3dt.


I got a + 4dp5dt with those tests. It was SUPER light but there.


I got my + with 10miu strips at 6dp5dt. It was light but definitely there - i would say more than a squinter by then.


I used them too. They are great as long as you realize it takes a lot of HCG in your system to have a line as dark as the control line! I didn’t see it at 5dp5dt and it was a squinter from 6dp5dt on… It was finally the same color at about 18dp5dt.

Good luck!