Big Decisions


I just found out i have an extra chromosone (xyy). There is a chance that i could pass this extra chromosone on to the child; and have an xyy child which isn’t so severe, or also a xxy child which is special needs. unfortunaly natural selection of weeding out the bad sperm doesnt play a factor cuz we have to go ivf. so a spem that might not make it to an egg naturally will get injected into an egg. now we could proceed with my sperm pay the 15,000$ it will cost us; but at the 2 month mark in the pregnancy we would take a genetics test of the baby and if the baby is xxy - and here is the kicker- maybe have to chose to terminate the pregnancy. is it worth it to go through all this for the chance at a healthy child of our own or should we just use a doner. me and my wife are at odds on the sensitive issues we must face. please send us any comments to help us? :grr: :pray: