big fat follicle ?


Well went to the re for my ultrasound today. He said we are trying the right side this time, my follicle measured 23.7 and he sounded excited. I said something about my med making me sick, he said hopefully this will be our last round. He was very very positive, which I’m hoping is a great thing after all he has been doing this for a long time and i’m trusting his judgement. I’m really hoping that this time is the month we get our bfp. so I guess my question for everyone is , is 23.7 as good as i’m hoping it is? And just as fyi i’m having my iui on 11/3. Baby dust for all of us!!!:babydust:


I think 23.7mm is a good size follicle. On cd 14 my largest follicle was 18mm. My RE said that they like to see 18 - 20mm. I had my IUI today & still hadn’t ovulated, so I’m sure my follicles got even bigger.

Good Luck on your IUI.


With oral fertility meds it PERFECT SIZE!! :clap:



thank you

[quote=missingmy#2]With oral fertility meds it PERFECT SIZE!! :clap:

:cross:[/quote] Thank you, I was hoping it was. only my 2nd iui so still pretty new to it.


That’s a great size Nickied!!

I’m having my iui tomorrow too! :slight_smile: We can be cycle buddies! Good Luck!! :cross: :babydust: :babydust: :babydust: