Big Ol' Aha Moment


Hi, all! Soooo, I went to my RE on 7/26 in anticipation of starting a new cycle, my fourth, but this time with IUI! I was STOKED. Got there, went in for my ultrasound, and after what felt like FOREVER (apparently my left ovary was hiding), the nurse goes “hmmm”… “Hmmm” is NEVER a good thing. Apparently she not only found a HUGE cyst on my left ovary, but she found a uterine polyp! My RE says he wants to do a water ultrasound on me himself to verify it is indeed a polyp. The following week I get the H2O US done, and voila, it’s a polyp! I got scheduled for a polypectomy AND an HSG the next week. Yesterday was the big day…the HSG showed my tubes were open, but during the polypectomy my RE found there was scar tissue blocking my left tube, even though the dye went right through. So he opened it. He also found that there was not only one polyp, but THREE, and my uterine lining was hard. So a D&C was performed, as well. The RE said the polyps and hardened lining are probably why I haven’t gotten a :bfp: yet! So I’m cautiously optimistic. I have to wait one cycle to start up again, so that puts me in around October, but I’m excited that we MAY have found why I wasn’t getting preggers. I just wanted to share that with you all. Any success stories after having a similar procedure done?


As frustrating as this must have been to go through, it must be a great feeling to have given yourself the best chance possible to succeed! I wish you all the best!