Bigger bump already?!


Any other 2nd-time mommies showing a LOT more, a LOT sooner? I’m 17w4d and I keep having other teachers at school tell me (almost daily), “You’re REALLY showing a lot now”! It doesn’t hurt my feelings or anything, but it just feels so soon this time.

I started out heavier than with my first (with 1st I was a size 6/8 before and this time I was a 14 before), but this belly looks out of control! My boobs are a little bigger this time, too. I was an “A” before my first baby, then a “B” afterwards…now I’m easily pushing a “C”.

Anyone else feel a little uncomfortable with a bigger belly so early on? Maybe it’s just because I’m not ready to tell my students yet…I teach 9th grade. I will not have these kids next semester when I go out on maternity leave, so it really doesn’t affect them. I guess I just don’t know the best way to bring it up…honestly, they don’t NEED to know, but it’s becoming QUITE obvious! :slight_smile:


hahaha. I know all too well the 2nd baby showing twice as early bit. I started showing at 6 weeks. Not like a little bit ahh how cute, I’m talking full on “I’m not fat, I’m clearly pregnant” belly. I am 14 weeks now and my PCP saw me yesterday and said and I quote “you are what about 6 months or so now?” No I am not sh*tting you, I almost died from laughing when I informed him that no, actually about 3 and a half or so… lol.

As far as size goes, I was a 6 before DS was born and before I got pregnant with number 2 I was between and 8/10 depending on the jeans.

To make matters worse, I have not gained one single pound since getting pregnant, but it has all migrated to my uterus… lol.


I showed very quickly with both my pregnancies. Me and my best friend got pregnant 4 months apart. On the day she found out she was pregnant we took front to front pics together. I looked 6 months pregnant at 4 months along. That was with my first. With my second I was showing by 8 weeks and looked like I was 13 weeks. I think it depends on how you are carrying the baby. If it is more toward the front you show earlier. If it is more in the back then you may show later. Either way it goes love that baby bump and show it off!! Pregnant women are so beautiful and people are enthralled by them. Good luck ladies!


Um yeah - I’m not due till March.

People keep asking when I am due. I tell them March and they are like OMG I thought you were due next month.



This is my 2nd pregnancy & I am just over 14 wks. & I have the baby bump. I love it! I work in a school too & I am waiting for the students to notice on their own.

Enjoy your bump & be proud! :preg: