Birth Control Pills


Hi All,

I have to start taking BCP’s but don’t know where should I place my order. Somebody know which pharmacy is cheaper?



Have you asked your clinic if they have sample packs?? I have never paid for the bcp’s before a cycle, the clinic always gives me a sample. Just a thought :).


Thanks Brit. I had my BCP’s ordered at kroger and it only cost me 5 dollars. Hey I got my work ups done already. My RE checked my uterus through u/s last Dec. 6, 2011 and found that there was a blockage scar tissue. He forced the material to go through it and man, the pain was beyond description. He thought that he cleared up the passage.
I started taking BCP’s but now I have to stop because I won’t be able to start the stims until January. Its because my FSA will take effect in 2012. It won’t take care of my expenses in 2011. So I have to stop and wait. :pray:

How about you?