Birth control


My story is TTC for 3 years, did 6 months of infertility treatments (clomid, Letrozole, IUI) and now what is next is IVF. (And yes, it was only 2 IUIs, but that is enough to tell me that its not gonna work…) We are not at a point to begin IVF, maybe in a couple of years, and we are just at a point where we are going to live, and let it be. When I was 18, they put me on birth control (skip the AF weeks) and it worked for me. I believe if I hadn’t done that, my endo would have been much much worse… I believe in miracles, and I hope one happens to us, but part of me wants to go back on birth control. I’m worried one-two days of every month I will be calling in sick to work. I’m 8 months out from my lap, and had one of the worst days of my period since before birth control (nausea, cramps, back pain, blah blah blah) The last thing I want to do is prevent pregnancy, but I don’t think I can handle my period for a few YEARS before IVF… I’m so confused on where to go…especially since my husband doesn’t want me to go on birth control, but he doesn’t understand the pain…


Hey Keister, I had a meeting with my doctor a month ago about starting the IVF process, and because I also have Endo (mild) she was saying I should go on birth control for 5 weeks before we start the process. (something about preventing it from growing - I can’t remember clearly - I was in information overload) I was planning to ask the IVF board on here about this closer to the time I start IVF, but it’s something to run by your doctor.
Maybe the Pill, Endo and IVF all work together?