Bleeding 5dp6dt ! Any advice or experince?


Hello friends
As you can see in my signature, I went through my second FET this month and we transferred one 6 day blast on 12 Of April (Dr believe that the blast was in perfect grade). BUT, I got AF on 18 of April (6 days past transfer!!!) which was really strange. It was natural FET which means that I didn’t take any medication and I just took Clearblue ovulatio test and when I got positive test, they put back the embryo after 6 days…so, it was really simple. The strange part is that I started bleeding 6 days after transfer which was really early. Since the embryo was best grade blasts, I want to know what can be the cause of bleeding and failed cycle. you know how the bleeding before beta test can be disappointing. So, I need to have some comments from those people who experinced the same and then got BFP later with their next cycles. PLEASE PLEASE help me with your experiences and comments. THANKS


Do you have a luteal phase defect? Perhaps your own body wasn’t producing the progesterone needed to sustain the pregnancy.

I’m surprised the RE didn’t supplement with progesterone to be on the safe side.

I would definitely ask for progesterone in the future if I were you just to be safe. It doesn’t hurt anything…that’s the only reason I can think that you may have started bleeding early.

I’m so sorry. I hope your next FET goes well! Join us over on the June board!


Thanks for your comment and suggestion. Where can I find June board then ?


[QUOTE=Tany]Thanks for your comment and suggestion. Where can I find June board then ?[/QUOTE]

Here you go :slight_smile: