Bleeding after a positive beta (1,050 hcg)


I am 38 and 13 days post a frozen cycle transfer - 2 A level embryos. I’ve been getting :bfp: on home pregnancy tests since day 5 and yesterday had a positive beta - 1,050 HCG. Problem is that I’ve been bleeding since day 6. It started with pink/brown discharge and switched yesterday (day 12) into bright red with some blood cloths. It looks and feels like a period. I am worried that I am loosing the pregnancy but confused by the positive results. I took two first response tests today and the test line was darker than the control line. I read about it on several boards and they said that it means high Hcg levels. Going in for a second blood test tomorrow but might lose my mind while waiting. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. :grr:


A friend of mine had a subchorionic hemorrhage VERY early on with her twins from IVF and bled quite a bit and went on to deliver healthy twins. Don’t lose hope!! I know it must be scary but bleeding doesn’t mean its over!!


Sharont: Just wondering how the appt went…Is everything ok?


Thanks you for checking on me :grouphug:

Still in limbo, we saw a sac in us but my uterine lining is too thin (4mm), probably because of the bleeding. Beta numbers came back and they didn’t change much- 1,200 (48 hours since my first beta, which was 1,050).
Doc put me on progesterone shots instead of vaginal inserts and the bleeding is almost gone. I wish he did that when I first complained about the bleeding on Fri. On bed rest until tomorrow. Going in for a third beta and us. :pray: :pray: :pray: