Bleeding and clots at 6 weeks?


I’m having lots of red blood and a very large clot and I went to Er and I still have baby w good heartbeat… Does this mean I will miscarry soon?? Has anyone had success after bleeding???


Did you have ivf, fet or iui, or is this a natural pregnancy?


Maybe you had a blood clot because there were many cases were women bled but didn’t miscarry. Lay down and only move when necessary.


I did. I had bleeding (no clots) at 7 weeks and went to the ER. The baby had a strong heartbeat and I’m currently 17 wks now. Try to rest, drink lots of water and as hard as it is, try not to worry. You could have a blood clot or tear in your placenta that caused the bleed. Did anyone at the ER tell you the reason for the bleed?