Bleeding at the injection site


I’m very proud of myself, tonight I did my first injection (day 3 of Follistim)! Truth to be told, it took me 10 minutes to do it :slight_smile: The first two were given by my husband, but he’s out at his company’s party tonight.

My question is, do you ever have bleeding at the injection site? It happened yesterday when my husband gave me the shot (left thigh) and tonight the bleeding was more pronounced when I did it (right thigh). I guess I’m not such a skilled nurse after all…Do you know what I am doing wrong to hit a vein?

I didn’t want to do in my belly as I already have a lot of bruises from acupuncture and generally this area is too sensitive for me.


I always do mine in my stomach and get a tad bit a bleeding. I just clean it up and it doesn’t come back.


Thanks, missing! I was worried I was doing something wrong.


same with me, a tad bit in the stomach. i’ve never done a thigh! that terrifies me for some reason!


Bleeding is normal. And don’t worry, you didnt hit a vein. You hit a capillary. Like when diabetics poke their fingers to check their blood sugar. Its a very superficial vessel. Good job doing your own shots!


Thank you so much. Oh, these things we do to have a beautiful baby.

Day 5 of injections today, so tomorrow I will have my u/s and b/w to see how things are progressing. I really hope my follicles are growing nicely!

Happy Winter Solstice! It’s a beautiful, sunny day here.