Bleeding during IVF


My ET was last Monday. Today, just now, I started spotting. Are there any circumstances under which that could be normal? Or is it basically that my ivf failed and I am getting my period? :frowning:



Yes, it can be normal! Lots of women develop post-implantation bleeding. If you search old threads, you will find lots of positive stories! Best wishes to you.


I had literally one spot of blood, in the middle of the 7th night after transfer. I’m currently 6w3d :preg:and I wasn’t alone in the spotting, several others spotted for a few days around the same time as me! Please don’t give up hope. I will keep my :cross: for you!


I agree with the pp’s. You could definitely be having implantation spotting. As long as the bleeding isn’t bright red and heavy then you’re probably fine.

However, if it is bright red, stays a strong flow or you have clots then you should definitely call your doctor.


Hoping the best for you. I have bled on all three of my fresh transfers. Two were pregnancies (that resulted in losses) and one was a BFN. Only on my FET (BFN) did I have no bleeding. A little blood could be implantation like suggested above. In my case, when it turned to full flow it was a period.

Best of luck!


I bled heavily with my daughter starting at 11 days after my ET. I was scared to death but my beta’s kept rising. At 7 weeks, when I was bleeding pretty heavily, more than any period I had ever had, with clots, I was diagnosed with an extremely large SCH and was put on bed rest. The bleeding began to resolve and I successfully carried my daughter to term and she is now a happy and healthy 2 year old. Bleeding does not automatically signal the end, even though it is unbelievably scary.


Thanks everyone for your responses. What started as spotting is now bleeding with clots. I hope it’s sch and I don’t mind going on bedrest. Ill call my doctor.


Nurse called me back and told me to add another estrogen patch. Did anyone else have this experience?