Bleeding getting heavier during 2ww


Hi everyone - this is my first time posting. We are in the middle of the 2ww for our first fresh IVF cycle.

I am 41 - we did a blastocyst transfer of 3 embies last Sunday.

I am certain that my period will come today or tomorrow - even though I am on PIO. I started spotting Friday and now the bleeding is getting heavier. I just feel this is pretty textbook for me - I start spotting about 10 to 11 days post OV.

I thought that the PIO would keep my period from starting? Is that not the case?

Oh well…

Anyone start their period during 2ww?

If so - when were you able to do an FET?

Thanks, everyone.


[FONT=“Century Gothic”][SIZE=“3”][COLOR=“Purple”]Hello. I’m sorry you are spotting. Did you call your RE? What did they say? It is not normal for it to be getting heavier. Do you remember what your lining was before the transfer? What is your dose of the Progesterone?

How many snowbabies do you have? I’ve done 2 FET’s and they are much easier on your body. And you can do them right away.

Did your RE perform a mock cycle before your IVF Embryo Retrieval to make sure the meds were the right dose?

Sorry for all of the questions, I’m just trying to give you some possible answers. :grouphug: [/SIZE][/FONT]


Hello, Marriagerocks

Thanks so much for responding.

Things have changed a bit. I just went in for my first beta - I guess it’s 11dp5dt. I’m 41 and they transfered 1 early Blast and 2 almost-blasts.

I have been POAS and the plus sign on the EPT blue dye test keeps getting darker and the clear blue digital tests have said I’m pregnant since Monday. So - we’ll see. I’ll hear from the doctor this afternoon.

I have 2 snow babies.

And yes, my doc did a trial of transfer before I started my cyle.

I am still having spotting - not much at all - mostly brown - sometimes barely red - only on toilet paper. (this is only the second time i’ve posted on here and it’s amazing to me how much info we all share with one another - info that in any other setting would be way too much info) :slight_smile: — So I am still worried about the spotting - but - if i’m pregnant - this would be my first - so I have NO idea what my body is doing.

Do you think - if indeed I get a :bfp: on the beta - that I should ask about upping the PIO?

Thank you so much for caring enough to write me back.

All the best to you!! Happy Thanksgiving!


[FONT=“Century Gothic”][SIZE=“3”][COLOR=“Purple”]Merigold, :cheer: Yay! Congrats on your :bfp: ! That is wonderful news. I am truly happy for you… even though we have never met! LOL. And how wonderful that you have 2 snowbabies. I love those!

When you get your beta results today ask what your Hcg Number. Anything over 100 is good at my clinic. Also ask what your Progesterone Number is. It should be anything over 20. Our clinic likes us (before the transfer) for our levels to be at least 20 or higher. It is harder on the uterus to sustain a pregnancy if the number isn’t higher than 20.

What day was your ER? How many eggs did you get? What day did your transfer?

Right now I’m day 1 post transfer day and on my last day of bedrest. How to not to pick up our 17 month old daughter all of the time is going to be very challenging! Our 8 year old daughter is a breeze.

Regarding your spotting… there might just be an area inside your uterus that had a clot and your body is just trying to shed it. I had that with my last pregnancy and it went away after 3 weeks. It doesn’t help our stress level though!

And don’t worry about the things we share because there is always TMI on these boards and the girls usually type TMI before they share in case you get queasy easily. I’ve heard and seen it all and am fine with it.

Well, I look forward to hearing your results. And you are more than welcome to come over to the IVF Forum and go to the [COLOR=“DarkOrange”]November 2011 IVF for Siblings thread and join us. I started that one months ago. It’s not as big as some of the November IVF threads, but we have a really nice group of Ladies.

Warmly, :grouphug:


ER was Tuesday November 8th. We had 25 eggs. 20 fertilized. Transfer was Sunday Nov. 12th.

I’ll keep you posted! Sending good energy your way too. Keep resting!


[FONT=“Century Gothic”][SIZE=“3”][COLOR=“Purple”]I just got the call I’ve been waiting for all day and it’s wonderful news! :cheer:

[B][COLOR=“Red”]4[/B] of our babies made it to Day 6 Blasts today. They were the following stages and grades:

(3) 3AB’s :cheer:
(1) 3AC :cheer:

I have been thanking God since and this has completely made my day!


That is great!!! Amazing. So you will be freezing those blasts? Yes?:clap:

My beta was 153 - did transfer 11/13 - so I can’t tell if that’s 10dp5dt? or 11dp?

I know nothing about this beta business? so I have no idea what it means.


[QUOTE=merigold]That is great!!! Amazing. So you will be freezing those blasts? Yes?:clap:
[FONT=“Century Gothic”][SIZE=“3”][COLOR=“Purple”]My beta was 153 - did transfer 11/13 - so I can’t tell if that’s 10dp5dt? or 11dp?

I know nothing about this beta business? so I have no idea what it means.[/QUOTE]
Congrats! :cheer: You are :preg: I am so happy for you. Right now, if your beta was today you are 11dp5dt. Enjoy being preggers mamma!

Keep me posted on your progress! :grouphug: [/SIZE][/FONT]