Bleeding with BCP


Has anyone experienced period like bleeding while on birth control pills? I have been taking a pill about the same time every night and have not skipped a day. It started with spotting and now I feel it’s like a regular first day of period.


Out of panic I forgot to give details.
I am starting my 2nd IVF cycle and am on birth control currently before starting the stims. It is day 11 of the BCP and I have 8 more pills to take. I got my period today and this what is making me panicky! Is something serioulsly wrong?? I emailed my RE but no idea if he will respond during the weekend.


Break through bleeding/spotting is normal. I started bcps on July 1st, July 12th i started spotting and finally stopped spotting July 28th. I freaked out even though i know it was normal and emailed my IVF coord. She calmed me down and said its normal.


Totally normal. It doesn’t matter if your bleeding or not, it still is shutting down your ovaries which is what you need! Best of luck with your cycle!


thanks ladies for responding…
mine is not spotting. it is bleeding like a usual period. i had my period only 2 weeks ago after chemical pregnancy and am supposed to have one in 1.5 weeks after stopping birth control pills. but i got this one now?!? RE hasn’t responded to my email. :frowning: