Blocked tubes and in need of support



I’m new here, but am in desperate need to talk to others who know what I’m going through. I recently had an HSG test and found out that one of my tubes is blocked. I can’t get in to see my OB to discuss results for two weeks and am driving myself crazy looking at the internet to see what is possibly next. I’m 31 and have never been pregnant. My husband and I have been TTC for 18 months and I just never thought there would be a problem. He did a sperm analysis and we will discuss the results w/ my OB in two weeks. I was kindof in a daze after my HSG so I can’t remember much of what the radiologist told me. He mentioned something about a laproscopic procedure and a possible polyp.

My big question is how do they find out what is causing the blockage? The HSG was so painful, I don’t want to go through it again. This whole process has been so emotional and I’m so tired of hearing “oh don’t worry, things will work out.”:grr: :grr: I have always considered myself as someone w/ strong faith, but this whole thing is causing me to waver. Please help.


[FONT=‘Comic Sans MS’][SIZE=3][FONT=‘Comic Sans MS’]Hi [B]Capri45[/B] – Depending on where the blockage is located, you may be able to have a procedure done to clear the tube? Or you can TTC with medicated cycles. On a medicated cycle RE’s usually like to see you produce 2-3 follicles per cycle which will increase your chances of pregnancy. The only snag is you want the follies to be in the ovary that has the good working tube. The other issue that your RE might talk to you about is possible ectopic pregnancy. I had to remove my R-blocked tube due to fear of possible ectopic. Needless to say my other L-tube had partial blockage and I ended up with an ectopic anyway [/FONT][FONT=Wingdings][FONT=Wingdings]L[/FONT][/FONT][FONT=‘Comic Sans MS’] We are now moving forward with IVF. Sounds like you will also need to remove the polyp? Sometimes a polyp causes problems with implantation. Chin up and best wishes for your follow up appt. [/FONT][/SIZE]


I would suggest speaking with an RE about your results, and if he doesn’t sound positive on the prospect of clearing it surgically, find out why. Also, though, I think as long as it’s just a regular blockage and not a hydrosalpinx, I don’t think one blocked tube should give you much in the way of problems if the other is still healthy. Your OB won’t be as knowledgeable in these areas and you should find an RE you like.


Capri45 ,I was in similar situation earlier this year. 31yrs, TTC since 2 yrs now. Got HSG done earlier this year and found one tube partially blocked ad other completely. Consulted a RE and decided to go for laproscopic surgery. Doctor was hopeful after the surgery and found out one tube was already open(I probably spasmed during hsg that was very painful) and the other he was able to open with glide wire. There was a small polyp too that he said was not a problem but decided to get it removed as I was already going through a procedure. Its been 4 months now and no success. I don’t regret going through the surgery as I always wanted to stay way from IVF. Surgery was not bad to go through. One day procedure, soreness for 2 days and went back to work on 4rth day. I was hopeful and started to think that I will be able conceive now as the problem is gone and they say chances of conception are more after the surgery. I do feel we lost 6 months and I have become very impatient now with the whole thing. Considering to go with IUI injectibles or IVF now. I had never thought it would be so hard.
Good luck!


Hey Capri45!

I was diagnosed with two blocked fallopian tubes, deemed damaged beyond repair due to severe endo and scaring. (Four dye tests, two during surgeries, and all showed total blockage.) One fallopian tube was removed before my first IVF so now I only have one tube.

I was told I would never conceive naturally and after two failed IVF’s I took an indefinite break. Last IVF was two years ago and I am now 14 weeks pregnant. I somehow conceived naturally with my one remaining “blocked” tube.

My case is not necessarily the norm, but I have met plenty of women with one blocked tube who go on to have successful pregnancies, both with and without IVF. As other posters mentioned, blocked tubes are often repairable. But even with one working tube, your chances of getting pregnant are great, it only takes one! You may just have to try a little bit harder but hang in there and don’t let this diagnosis deter you.

Good luck!:cross::babydust: