Blood clot near baby?


I did ivf and am 7 weeks pregnant. I bled a lot and dr did ultrasound and said I have a bloodclot near baby. Has anyone had this ? Is it ok or no?


I had an SCH (Blood Clot) with this, my second pregnancy that was detected on my 10 week US. It was only 1 cm. I never bled it out and they haven’t been able to see it since so they think it absorbed into my body on its own. It hasn’t been an issue and is gone now so try not to worry. Apparently, they are quite common and even a 7 or 8 cm one doesn’t usually turn out to be a big deal. Did the DR tell you the size of it? If they are truly concerned I think they monitor it closely…if they aren’t they just let time bleed it or absorb it out. I didn’t have any restrictions or anything and it is gone. Good luck!!!


I had one also at 7 weeks. Mine completely healed by 18 weeks. I was told no sex, exercise or strenuous activity. Most resolve by 20 weeks.


By the way mine was TWO inches! And it’s gone now:) So even bigger ones can heal!