I am expecting twins in March and trying to choose which brand bottles is the best. I am going to try to breastfeed but want to be prepared in case I don’t produce enough milk or we have to supplement. Any suggestions would be appreciated…


I have always thought Even Flo was the best. I used the one with the disposal bags.


I think all babies are different. Mine prefers the MAM bottles, she will also take the Medelas and Tommee Tippees if you absolutely insist. We also tried Even Flo, Dr. Brown, Avent and Playtex Drop-Ins – but she didn’t care for any of those. I breastfed exclusively until she started daycare and now she has expressed breastmilk while there.


We used the Playtex VentAire bottles with our twins and they were great.


we use tommee tippee. my sister had twins, b/g the g used tommee tippe and the boy used gerber. All were breast fed(though the boy only got pumped milk mixed with formula)


I breastfed my daughter for 6 months and then breastfed/pumped bottles till she was 9 months. We used Born Free and she went back and forth from breast to bottle very easily! Best of luck:)


I think there are lot of good bottle choices out there - but we like Avent and playtex ventaire. We also used the playtex drop-ins when our DD was very young and was getting frequent bottles because they are so convenient (and the 4 oz ones are real light).

Good Luck!