Brand DHEA, melatonin and other supplements


I am looking for advice on where to buy DHEA. I asked my RE for a prescription and he said to buy it at GNC. I have read about women getting a prescription and would like to know more about that. Does it matter if you buy it at a drug store?

I am also taking melatonin, co-q-10, fish oil with vitamin d, wheatgrass and royal jelly. Any recommendations on where to get these?

Is melatonin really ok? I’m taking it for egg quality. I have low amh and endo. I am sleeping great from it despite all the stress of this! But a little worried about taking it for 3 months and getting tolerant or dependent on it. I bought the melts at Walgreens and the bottle says not to take if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant…confused!


I bought my melatonin from Fertinatal off of the internet. It is a company affiliated with they clinic who did all the research on DHEA so I feel like you are getting what you think you are getting.

As far as melatonin, the studies that showed improved egg quality in non-pcos patients were done with the combination of my-inositol, folic acid and melatonin. (you can buy the combination in a product called pregnitude minus the melatonin) Melatonin occurs naturally in your body but levels decrease as you age. It not only helps with sleep but it is a free radical scavenger that helps to prevent damage to the follicles as they developing in your ovaries. You will not become dependent on it as it is not a hypnotic like other sleep medications. It helps to regulate your circadian rhythm so the mechanism of action is very different than say ambien or soma. Keep in mind, you are not taking melatonin for sleep when you are taking for fertility. You are taking it because it protects the eggs while they are developing.

I use Qunol from Costco because the product has supposed improved absorption. I wait until it goes on sale at Costco because it is pretty pricey.

When shopping for high quality fish oil, look at the label for high levels of DHA and EPA. I use Carlson’s Elite Fish Oil because I think you get 700-800 mg of omegas in a single capsule. DHA and EPA are the active component that provides benefit. The mg strength on the front of fish oil means nothing.

I would get vitamin D3 as it is the active form of vitamin D that does not need to be converted. It is fat soluble vitamin so I would get the oil filled capsule not the tablet.

Also keep in mind that many medications that say they should never be used in pregnancy or while trying to get pregnant are used routinely for IVF protocols. BCPs are not supposed to be used if you are trying to get pregnant and they are part of many protocols. As well as, testosterone patches which are “contraindicated” when trying to get pregnant but are used for women to help them increase the number of follicles.

I am a pharmacist which is why I have so many opinions on the OTC products. You don’t always get quality even when you are paying for it. Hope my post was helpful.


I just started DHEA and my RE specifically wanted me to get it at a compounding pharmacy and gave me a script for it. I even asked if I could buy it over the counter and he said he preferred the pharmacy because you don’t always get whats listed on the bottle with over the counter supplements.