Bravelle 75IU , IUI # 3 , Please advice!


Hi Everyone,

Hope everyone is doing fine. Sorry if i am posting in the wrong place.

As you can see my signature just few weeks back i had my surgery for fibroid removal. Now i am ready for my IUI #3 with injectibles. My Re wants to do this cycle with Bravelle 75iu, this is my first cycle with Bravelle.

Is there anyone who did the IUI with injectibles, does it increase the chances of :bfp:. Please share your experience and give some advice. If there is no problem can you please share the cost for the medication.



Injectibles increase the number of follicles you mature, thereby creating more targets and generally a small increase in odds. Bravelle is the cheapest of all of the injectibles - generally about $50 for 75IU.

Good luck!!