Braverman Success and DE


Hi Ladies!

I am new to posting, but have been going through infertility treatments for years now. I am ready for DE and was curious if anyone has experience doing a donor cycle with Dr Braverman. I used him for immunological testing (fortunately there were no underlying issues beyond my already known DOR) and he is claiming very high success rates over the last year in his DE program. He also offers a guarantee program for an additional cost. I’m willing to travel out of state and want to ensure I use the best doctor and program possible to get my little family started :slight_smile:

Does anyone have any experience with Braverman for DE? Did you use a donor from his clinic or an outside agency? Any thoughts on using him if you are traveling from out of state?

Any and all information would be appreciated! Thanks girls!!


Does Dr. Braverman participate with SART, such that you can see his success rates on the SART website ( If not, I would be very leery.