Break for the holidays?


12DPIUI and a :bfn: . :grr: I just don’t understand why this process can’t work for us. We are officially on a break–for at least one or two cycles. Not only do I emotionally need a break, but we need a financial one as well.

I know that I’ll feel better about this in a few days (once :af: starts and I get past day one), but I’m pretty down for today. It just makes me sad.

Anyone else taking a break for the holidays?


I’m sooooo sorry about your :bfn: . :grouphug: to you in hopes your spirits rise a bit over the next couple days. A break may be exactly what you need!

DH and I are going to do treatment this month. . .even though my IUI is likely going to fall directly on Thanksgiving (probably wouldn’t have started the meds if I would have realized that). We may just switch to TI instead of an IUI. Anyway, we are definitely taking off in December. I hate that we won’t be offically “trying” but I also look forward to the break and not having to stress/analyze over every single twinge of pain.

Enjoy your holidays. Have a glass of wine, pamper yourself, and buy yourself a present-you deserve it!


:grouphug: Sorry for the bfn :frowning: But if no AF you’ve still got a chance!! :pray:

We are taking a break for the holidays. We’re traveling way to much. So Jan we will start a new cycle.


I’m so sorry for your BFN :grouphug: It’s hard to go through this month after month (it took us five tries for our first so I know what you mean). A break for the holidays will be nice so you can take your mind off the TTC roller coaster for a little bit. We’re going to do the same if this cycle is a BFN.


Breaking for the holidays

Hey ladies!!! I was in on the October IUI/2WW and we were unsuccessful in our first try. Since its so close to the holidays and we will be traveling we decided to wait until the new year to start back up. I still plan to take the clomid and time ovulation but no more doctors visits until January.

Good luck to you all! :grouphug:


I’m so sorry about your :bfn: hoping that it was late implanter and you get a :bfp:
We are doing IUI this month which would be our last IUI attempt for the year before we move onto IVF. My hubby is travelling out of country for work related things during the month of December so we would take a break in december and then jump onto IVF sometime in Jan or Feb. I’m just hoping that we would be able to meet our RE about our next plan of action before my hubby leaves that way I can be prepared for it. I definitely think a break is needed and sicne i will be alone when my hubby is travelling i have decided to meet my friends in various place during that time.


I am sorry for the :bfn: . I am not actively trying right now for baby #2, but I do want to tell you that in 2009, I took two cycles off, November and December. I said, come January 2010, I will start fresh. Did IUI #3 in late January. Must have worked, cause I got my very first BFP in February! I now have a 13 month old son, going on 14 months tomorrow ( oh my!!). So hang in there, I know it can be very hard and depressing at times. I remember I wanted the days to go by fast so I could start the next cycle. And they really do!!! Sending you :babydust:


If this cycle doesn’t work… not feeling to positive about it right now… We’re breaking for the holidays too. Gonna try and loose a few lbs ( Crazy I know! ) But will probably start up Febuary or March, have to save a bit.



I wish you all the best of luck and I think some holiday cheer will do us all some good! :pray:


I think you are oh so right! It’s a nice reminder of all that we [I]do[/I] have in our lives rather than the monthly battle with what we [I]don’t[/I] have in our lives.

Best of luck to all, and enjoy the holiday season!


[B][FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=3]I’m only 2dpiui, but we’ve already decided if we get a :bfn: we are going to take a break for the holidays. We’ll still attempt to time our BDing just right but with our issues the chance of us getting :preg:naturally are low. I’m with you on trying to lose some weight though. Although it’s tough to lose during the holidays, if we’re not :preg:I’m going to give it a try.[/SIZE][/FONT][/B]