Break Through Bleeding while on BCP's


I know this topic has come up before but I couldn’t find the peviois post. This isn’t my first time on BCP’s but today was the time I’ve had bleeding of any klind while on them. I’ve already left a message for my IVF nurse but thought I asked you ladies while I’m waiting.

I’m only doing active pills and have taken 21 so far and have another 16 to go. It’s not a AF type flow but there is a little clotting (sorry tmi) will this be a problem for me starting my stims 11/26. I am scheduled to get AF after stopping them on the 20th but for some reason I’m thinking this will throw my schedule off.

Will this have any effect in my stim cycle?



It’s normal to have breakthrough bleeding the first cycle on BCPs. I had some too. It shouldn’t affect your schedule. =)

Good luck!


Hey Kandy, my IVF nurse told me to expect breakthrough bleeding and that is was normal and not to worry it wouldn’t effect the cycle. No worries momma. Miss you.


Thanks Ladies for your responses. Well breakthrough bleeding became full AF flow. I started a regimen of antiboitics for strep throat a couple of days ago which may have messed with the BCP’s. I am now on a stronger dose of BCP’s but I still feel as if this is all going to set me back for this cycle.

Complete-Missing you too I just started to feel so left behind on our Summer thread like I couldn’t keep up after being gone for so long. How is stimming going?