Breast pain


Hi everyone, I had a question about signs and symptoms of anovulation.

I’ve had regular periods my whole life. They range slightly but almost never go below 24 or above 30 day cycles. I’m also accustomed to pretty severe breast pain up to 2 weeks before my period begins. I’m worried because I’m on my 22nd day and there’s no breast pain. Not even a little. This is highly unusual for me.

I’m concerned that this sudden lack of breast pain means that I’m not ovulating this month. I have consistently had breast pain before every period for at least the last 2 years. I’ve also never skipped a period or had irregular cycles. How could this be coming on so suddenly?

Is this normal? Does this mean my body has stopped ovulating for good or could it pick up again?

Sorry for sounding frantic but this is very weird. I’m used to pretty nasty pain around this time. I love not having the pain but it’s worrisome to have something change in my cycles.

thank you! bless you all.