Breast pump rental


Hi Ladies,
I’m thinking about renting a hospital grade pump. Do any of you have experience with this? I saw some online rental places where you can prepay for several months and get a discounted rate and some local rental places that cost more ($75 vs $50/month online for 6 months). Can the online places be trusted with pump quality or cleanliness? Can you recommend one that you have used?

PS. I’m looking to rent a Medela Symphony for at least a year, if all goes well. I’m in the Chicago area.

Thanks a bunch!


Did you check with your hospital? Our hospital had rental pumps at lower prices than private outside companies. I’d also trust them. Have you considered a high end personal pump? The hospital pumps were quite big. I would have had a hard time carrying one of them and the baby out the door to daycare.

Best of luck with whatever you try!


Did you check with your insurance to see if they would cover any of the cost? I learned that my insurance will cover the cost of a rental with a Rx from the doc. I think my cost will be about $10/month.


I rented the symphony from my hospital when I delivered my twins. I knew I wanted to try to BF but didn’t know if it would work. I didn’t want to spend the money on an expensive pump only to have it sit around.

That being said, I rented the symphony for the first 2 months (it was between 40 and 50/month), and then decided it was working out and bought a Medela Pump in Style using coupons and stuff from BRUS. I think I got it for around $200. The pieces I had from the symphony were interchangeable. It made more sense money wise to just buy one.

The symphony was a little quieter, maybe a little smoother, but it was big, bulky and impossible to pack around. The Pump in style comes in either a shoulder bag, or back pack type packaging, and it makes it easy and discrete to carry around.

hope that helps!


I rented my Symphony from Babies R us for $65/month. I had no issues with cleanliness. The pump is only a suction system. The bottles and other attachments you should buy them separately. So as long as the suction in the pump is working I would not worry.


I bought a pump and then decided to rent the symphony. There really wasn’t much difference between the retail medela and the symphony. The suction and let down phase were exactly the same. I would suggest that you just purchase a medela swing and save the money. You can buy them new for around 150 and they work just as well. Plus they are easier to carry.
If you want a double pump you can get the Medela Advanced which is what I originally purchased but, it was bulkier and I didn’t want to carry it around all the time. The swing will fit nicely in a diaper bag or purse.


Thanks for all your input ladies.


We rented one for a month from the hospital ($80/month). It was the Medela Symphony. It worked well, but maybe only a little better than the Medela Pump in Style we eventually bought.