Breastfeeding and FET


hello everyone. Im new to this so please bare with me. I have a 4 month old son I an currently breastfeeding. My son is not interested in taking a bottle and Im not interested in stopping breastfeeding. Moving on, We are planning to do a FET w/ meds in Aug. I start regular birth control on July 18th and then Lupron on July 20th. There are about 6 other meds I will be taking throughout that cycle (vivelle dot, Medrol, doxycycline, prometrium, pio and estrace) I was wondering if anyone has done FETs w/ medication and had successful outcomes. If so, what were the meds? Did you pump and dump or what?

ANY info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


I did not do a FET while breastfeeding, but I did do cycles while still breastfeeding. My daughter was an older nursling at that time (older than two years old). I looked up my meds on Dr. Hales website to see about safety. (here is a similar link– I was assured that it was safe.

I would be very concerned that your milk supply may decrease significantly when you’re on BCP. I think you’d want to talk to a lactation consultant about that and have a plan in place if your supply drops, especially if your baby isn’t taking bottles. If you pump and dump, what would he eat? I have a friend who took the mini pill (progestin only and recommended for BF moms) and her supply still tanked. A lactation consultant could help you make an informed choice.

I would also wonder what effect higher prolactin levels from nursing would have on your transfer.

Good luck. It’s a lot to consider.


I did a FET when my girls were about 8 months old and I quit BFing at 5 months. When I met with the RE he said that it was important I stop so that my hormone levels could go back to normal before doing the FET.

If you look at the “after fertility treatments” section, there was a gal that did a cycle to get more eggs while still breastfeeding and she did not tell her doctor. I’m not sure what the medications would do to your breastmilk, but I’m sure you are researching that to make an informed decision for you and your family.


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As far as we know, you should not feed your baby with breast milk if pursuing any treatment procedure with medicine. Because we can’t control the concentration of medicine coming inside the milk. And if that is the drugs with narrow therapeutic window, the baby is gonna be at risk of its side effect…

That’s why you should stop feeding your baby with breast milk at that moment, but still pump it our to keep the milk flow as normal. After finishing the medicines for a few days (at least longer than its half-life) then you can feed your baby again!

Hope you’re doing great all the time!!!
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I would be aware that even if you continue during the cycle your milk supply is going to drop when you get pregnant. And most likely it will drop significantly. A lot of the home remedies you can try to use to increase your supply are not things you would want to do while pregnant. Its probably best to do one of two things… 1. delay your FET until you are ready to quit breastfeeding. or 2. Try to convince your baby to start taking a bottle. Because it will not be fun if you have no milk and the baby still wont take the bottle. Good luck with whatever you decide!!!