Hi mommies, I wanted to start a thread where we can discuss breastfeeding. I have been bfing since day 1 and my ds is now 8 1/2 months old. I am a firm believer in “breast is best” but am not here to judge anyone who does things differently then me. I hope this thread can help everyone from mommies-to-be who are sturggling with the decision to bf or not to those who have been there done that and can offer advice.

My issue now is that my ds doesn’t want to let go of any feedings. I am trying to establish a better feeding schedule to see where we can cut one out and have a sippy cup of b/m instead (momma needs a break). Also, he has started a new habit of not wanting to come off the boob even after 10+ minutes. Unless he falls asleep nursing he gets upset when time is up (I say 10 minutes is enough on one side). To add some background, he took a bottle a few times in the first few weeks but stopped and hasn’t taken one since. He will take a sippy with b/m if it’s cold.


YAY! We love BFing too! And you do need a break. Holy crap. I cant believe that baby has been pretty much attached to you for oh what counting pg 17 months now! Geez! How many solid food meals is he getting per day now? I know they saw offer breast first but you may need to do the opposite if you’re trying to drop a nursing feeding. If he has a big meal maybe he will be willing to not nurse. Liam did that really loooong nursing from about 2-5 mo. Like 20 on each side and he would always cry when I pulled him off. He sometimes still cries but now that he’s so busy playing he nurses for about 10 min total each feeding.


I’m glad you started this thread! We had a hard start (she couldn’t latch when my milk came in due to major engorgement, so we had to use a nipple shield just up until recently) but we are almost to 6 weeks of exclusive breast feeding, and it is going really great…I nurse her on demand, so sometimes that is every hour for 40 minutes at a time! But she is still pretty young, so I suppose this is normal (she’s a month old)

I go back to work at the end of December, and I’m planning on pumping during the day and nursing in the evenings…anyone have experience with this? How did it work out for you? I’m a little worried, but I’d really like to keep her on breastmilk for atleast 6 months, if not longer.


I just weened my 14 month old twins 3 days ago. I found out I was pregnant so it was time to stop. At 8 months they were earting 2 meals a day so the bfing seasons got smaller. By 11 months I nursed 3-4 times a day. 13 months we were at 2-3 times and 14-1/2 months we stopped. At times they wanted bfing I would distract them. We only nursed for naps for bedtime. then we would go for walks or drives so thet would fall asleep with out nursing. Eventually we had to let the cry. I would hold them and kuddle with them for 10 min. Even feed them their sippy cups, then place them in their crib. They usually didnt cry longer than 5 min. Good luck trying to get some mommy time. Increasing food helped a lot for me:-) 9 more months till I start again.


Congrats on your pregnancy!


@Laura - yes, he has been attached to me for the past 17 months, lol. Seriously, I haven’t been away from him for more than two hrs because of the bfing.

Ok, so I have tried the solids before boob and he still wants to nurse…this boy poops round the clock too (as you can imagine). He eats two meals a day AND I give him a sippy of b/m with the food. My next step is to only allow nursing at specific times of day, just have to figure out that schedule.


What a wonderful idea! I wish this thread had been around back when my DD was born! I’m afraid I can’t help much with the older baby issues as DD weaned herself on Mother’s Day, when she was 6 1/2 mos old. But I did go back to work at 12 weeks, full time, and pumped during the day and nursed at night, sooo…

Kelbell: As I said, I nursed at home and pumped at work for almost 4 mos. My job was wonderful - I got to pump 3 times per 9-10 hour day. (If you don’t have one already, a hands-free pumping bra made a world of difference - that way I could do computer/paperwork kind of stuff while pumping). In fact I ended up pumping every 2-3 hours but DD was only nursing every 3-4. Anyway, overall it worked really great. I will say that a couple of problems cropped up that I couldn’t really do anything about. First, I didn’t pump as much as she ate during the day. I started stockpiling around 4-6 weeks, and we did exclusively breastmilk until I’d say DD was about 4 1/2 mos old. At that point we decided that we’d rather have her get some breast milk longer as opposed to all breast milk for a shorter period of time. Therefore daycare started rationing at that point and giving formula for 1-2 bottles per day, breastmilk for the rest. On days off I’d exclusively nurse and try to pump at least once. Once DD weaned herself at 7 1/2 mos, I stopped pumping altogether in preparation for trying for #2 (also my milk had pretty much dried up - see below) and we decreased her breastmilk at daycare to once per day and the supply lasted until she was a year old.

The other problem was that my milk supply did really decrease, probably around 5 mos. I tried a two week course of Reglan (twice) and didn’t get much improvement. I ate oatmeal, drank tea, etc. I think the pump just wasn’t stimulating my production like DD had. At the same time, my DD got very frustrated with the slow flow of the breast and nursing her really became a struggle. She really liked the speed of the bottle I guess! Anyway, despite everything I tried I never got my supply back up - by the end I’d pump for 30 minutes and get a total of 45 ml.

I agree that breast is best and wish we could have nursed longer. I cried the first time I gave her a bottle before bed. Anyway, I know plenty of women who pumped longer and their supplies stayed up; it just wasn’t meant for us. And I wanted to let you kow the other side of it so that if it doesn’t last for a full year, you don’t feel like you did anything wrong!


I just quit breastfeeding my daughter who is 14.5 months old because I’m pregnant and it was getting a little uncomfortable for me. She would have kept going but I started slowly weaning her when I found out I was expecting. I had a hard time giving it up, but I was getting so much pressure from my doctor, my sister, and a few friends. I love that the people who haven’t breastfed have the most opinions about it.

Lucy- I would try to increase his meals to 3 times a day.

pumping at work - I only worked for 5 month with my daughter and pumped while at work. I started pumping when my daughter was around 2- 3 months to build up my supply. I did notice sometimes it was harder to get milk because I was just so distracted at work. Good luck :slight_smile:


Hopeful & KT, thanks for your input about pumping at work…I work in a lab, so I can’t really pump in private while working at my desk unfortunately (Im always either at a bench in the lab or at my desk which is in one giant office with 8 other people), but I think I should not have too much of a problem getting away every 2-3 hours to pump (we do have lactation rooms at least). I am concerned that my supply will drop once I go back…I haven’t been freezing that much, I usually just pump once in the morning to relieve engorgement, so I have maybe have enough to feed her for half a week at the most…maybe I should try to increase my supply by pumping after feeding her before I go back, so that if it does decrease I’ll still hopefully have enough…I won’t lie, I am kind of depressed at the thought of not being able to continue breastfeeding, I feel like its the major connection between myself and DD right now…I didn’t feel really bonded at first, so this is pretty important to me to continue.
KT, I think its too bad you were pressured to stop BFing if things were still going well…lots of people tandem breastfeed their toddlers and newborns! I can understand it being uncomfortable while pregnant though, I couldn’t imagine being 9 months pregnant and trying to nurse!


Kelbel ~ I went back to work when Liam was 3.5 mo old. I only worked 3 nights/wk. 12 hr shifts, Im a nurse. A LOT of the women in my DDB thread who went back 5 days/wk dropped a day or two. Ive since dropped to 2 nights/wk. It is so hard juggling everything. Just be prepared. Its really hard! I would say start stockpiling. I had 1/4 of our freezer full of b/m and he blew through it in about 3 mo. Even with my pumping at work. Now he gets about 1/2 formula and 1/2 b/m when he gets a bottle. For awhile there I was even gettin up in the middle of the night to pump. I decided that was just too much and started giving more formula. No biggie though, I think a stressed out Mama is worse than giving some formula.


KT09- you are in a simular situations as me. My girls were born 9/4/09. Your girl was born 9/8/09. I also stopped bfing at 14-1/2 months when I found out I was preggo. I am only 8 weeks along though:-) Congrats on the pregnancy.


Lizz ~ Have you tried leaving him? If he has solids and a sippy cup he wont be hungry. Maybe if he’s not right there next to you he’ll be OK. Maybe try this with your Dh one weekend afternoon but do something where you can be home if he wiggs out. Liam is kinda like this. In the mornings when he wakes up and Im still at work sometimes he’ll be up for 1 hr before Im home and if DH plays with him he’ll be Ok with the delay in breakfast. BUT when Im off and I get him in the mornings when he wakes up hes trying to nurse though my pjs as Im carrying him to the chair. If he cant smell you he might do OK. You need a break


Lovely- Thanks! Congrats to you too! That’s amazing you were able to nurse twins that long!


Yay for this thread! Glad to see a couple of March mommies and an azoo buddy too!

Kelbell - I am still breastfeeding at almost 9 months and plan to go for a year. I work full time, but did drop to four days a week. I just do four 10 hour shifts now. With my commute (50 minutes one way), I had to do something or I was going to go nuts! I breastfeed at home and pump twice a day at work (every 5 hours…although you may need more often when you start back - every 3 hours is probably best in the beginning). I highly recommend getting a stockpile for while Samantha is at daycare. I didn’t start stockpiling until two weeks before going back to work because I was worried I would end up with an oversupply, but that would be better than what I do now. I basically pump today what he will eat tomorrow and then work on pumping some over the weekend to freeze. So far we haven’t run out and needed to use formula, but it does put more pressure on me than if I had a huge frozen supply. My supply has been okay…I get about 12-15 oz while I’m at work and then he nurses first thing in the morning and before bed time. He now gets three solid meals a day though so he only needs about 24 oz of milk a day. When I first went back to work, I had to pump after I fed him in the morning so he’d have enough bottles for the day. Good luck with it as you return to work…it’s hard, but once you get a routine, it’s not so bad. There’s no reason to feel bad if it doesn’t work out though.

Lizz - I recommend going for a third solid meal a day. Our pediatrician wanted us to strive for three meals a day by our 9 month check up. We started this schedule around 8 months. Our schedule goes something like this:
5 AM - Breast milk (from me)
7 AM - Breakfast cereal
10 AM - Breast milk (bottle 4-5oz)
Noon - Lunch (meat and veggie)
2 PM - Breast milk (bottle 4-5 oz)
4 Pm - Snack (fruit or juice) -sometimes we skip this
5 PM - Breast Milk (bottle 4-5 oz - before our drive home)
7 PM - Dinner (meat, rice, veggie, fruit)
8:30 PM - Breast Milk (from me, before bedtime)

KT and Lovelyrose - Congrats on expecting again!! How exciting!

I’m having some struggles with my right side in that he pulls off really roughly and I actually ended up pumping a little blood yesterday (yuck!)…I’ve had a lot of pain (to the point of crying) and I’m not sure what to do to keep him from pulling off so roughly. He doesn’t do so badly on the other side. I was contemplating quitting breastfeeding last night, but I think I’ve talked myself out of that for now. He’s not biting, but just not breaking the suction gently and he’s on and off constantly. I tried just putting it away after once or twice last night but then he just cried and I couldn’t bear that either. I felt like I starving him as punishment…although rationally I know he’s far from starving…he’s been really clingy at bedtime lately so I think that’s part of the problem.


Kris ~ The same thing happened on my right side 2 months ago maybe. We talked about it in our Spring Mommies thread. My pain lasted 3 weeks or so. I dont know what changed because he still pops on and off all the time, it just doesnt hurt anymore. So I cant really tell you what to change, sorry. How is it feeling this week? Liam gets clingy when his teeth are bothering him, are you doing Motrin/Tylenol??


Kris - 5am! YIKES! I know you have no choice because of work, I don’t know how you working Mamas do it. We have established somewhat of a routine now. I am bfing every 3hrs and feeding 2-3 meals a day. The reason its only 2 somedays is that he only stays up for 1 1/2 - 2hrs before his first nap and he does nurse before his nap leaving no time (or belly room) for food. I don’t mind this since I am suppling all his nutrional needs via breastmilk and the solids are more for learning texture/flavor/etc. This concept is debatable between some but not for me (thanks for respecting that). That being said, he does eat all kinds of foods and plenty of them. He hasn’t found a food yet that he doesn’t like. He did the puilling off thing too but like Laura’s situation it just stopped hurting. I hope this gets better for you.

Pumping - I really need to get back in the swing of it. I hate doing it and get next to nothing in the pm and am usually to tired/busy in the am. Ughhhh. I wish I had invested in a better pump.


Laura/Lizz - Things are much better this week with the right side. We had a bit of “breast rest” last weekend. I pumped mostly on Friday and Sunday and things got better quickly and feel fine now.

Lizz - Yeah…5 AM is when he gets up, I get up at 4! I’m kind of used to it now and in some ways there is an advantage to feeling like you’re sleeping in when you get up at 6AM (lots of time to get things done before baby gets up on days off)! I’m glad you’re getting a routine going. I agree that nutritionally all they need is breastmilk, but I think sometimes it’s helps them feel fuller and eat their milk less often (give mom a little break) to have the solids. I struggle too on my days at home to keep to that schedule since we do sleep later on those days so there is less time to squeeze it all in. I figure as long as they’re getting tastes for things and not starving, all is good! Like Sam, Gabe has yet to find anything he doesn’t like. He loves to eat!


Hey Kris! I can’t believe Gabe is already 9 mos old! Looking at your schedule and having to drive an hour to work every day…that gives me some faith that I can do this! I do have a small freezer stockpile, maybe 60-70oz. I’ve been upping it though, I’ve been trying to freeze at least 5oz a day (I just pump in the morning). The problem is that I usually need to conserve at least 2oz to feed her at night, b/c my supply really drops after 8pm. There’s still milk there, but LO gets frusterated because its not flowing as fast as it does during the day, so unless I want to be nursing until 1am we give her 2oz of pumped milk to “top her off”. The breast feeding nazis (none of you of course) have told me not to do this and that its bad for my supply etc etc, but honestly, I cannot physically or mentally handle nursing from 7-1am (I usually nurse from 7-10ish, then give her the bottle, and then nurse to sleep if she’s still wide awake, usually asleep by 11). Anyhow, it will be interesting once I go back to work…


Kelbell - I can’t believe he’s 9 months old either. I honestly feel like it was just a few weeks ago that I was in the hospital having him. We just went for his check-up today and we scheduled his next appointment for the day after his birthday…so weird!!

I’m sure many have told you that the first while when you’re back at work is the worst…it was definitely an emotional time and I spent a fair amount of time my first couple of months back trying to figure out how I could be home more or how we could live on less and I could just be home. Unfortunately, with the nature of DH’s job (sometimes 60hours/ week, sometimes 30 hours/week, depending on the season), it just isn’t feasible for me to drastically reduce my hours or be a SAHM so we’re doing what works for us. It’s still not ideal, but it’s gotten better over time. I honestly think the breast feeding has made it easier because the last thing I want to do when I get home is make a bottle so breastfeeding has made life more convenient in that sense. Lugging a pump and cooler to work each day (along with everything else) is not something I’m going to miss in a few months, but it’s not so bad either.

I’ve also only found it to be worth my time to pump in the morning when I’m home and I usually get about 5 ounces too. Seems like in the afternoon/evening it’s not really worth the time to hook the pump up…I usually only net 2-3 ounces then (if that!)

I hope Samantha gives you a break on the 7-10PM feeding. I usually limited feedings to 15-20 minute per side at that point, but I know there was a period of time where he ate off and on during that period of the evening. It’s funny how they progress over time because I used to figure on 30 minutes to feed him and now he’s usually done in 10 minutes or less. I sometimes fear he’s not getting enough, but then I’ve seen him gobble down bottles and I realize he’s just more efficient with eating than he used to be. I’m not bragging…just letting you know there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Good luck with it all as you prepare to go back to work…we’re here to encourage you along the way!


I want to ask anyone that will answer: when did AF return and were you regular?
My situation is AF returned Dec. 1, DS was 8 1/2 months and nursing 5-8 times during the day, but this month was only spotting. DH and I did BD at the right time but our chances are less than 1%. How long do I wait for AF to return before poasing or calling my doctor?