Breat pump question


I’m trying to decide if I should buy a really good breast pump or rent one from the hospital. I’m going back to work 8 weeks after I have the baby so i will need to pump. Does anyone have recommendations? Also, do you bring the pump to the hospital with you? Thanks for any input!


With my daughter I didn’t take it to the hospital, I just used theirs if I needed it. I had the Medela pump in style and loved it.


They will definitely bring you a pump if you ask for one in the hospital. With regards to renting or buying, it really depends on how portable you want the pump to be. I have the Medela Advanced InStyle, which, for me, works perfectly. The hospital grade might let you pump a little more quickly.


I had the Medela Pump in Style for my DS and will use the same again :slight_smile:


It depends. My hospital rents pumps for $80 the 1st month and $40 each month there after. I was able to purchase the Phillips Avent Double Electric Pump under $200 with a 10% off coupon. Many women don’t know if breastfeeding will work for them so if you buy the pump and it doesn’t workout you have wasted money. On the other hand, if breastfeeding works out and you rent a pump depending on how much your hospital charges you could have bought one by the time you’ve rented one for 2 or 3 months.

In my case, I bought my pump a week before delivery BUT did not open it until after I got home. I used the pump at the hospital (I had a c-section) for 2 days as my milk came in full force less than 12 hours after delivering my daughter. So while in the hospital I was able to use their pump and get an idea if it would hurt or not, get an idea of how much milk I was getting, and just get an overall pumping experience. Thankfully I had my pump at home because I was already engorged and by pumping I was able to relieve my breasts by pumping the milk out. Good luck whatever your decision.


I have a Medela Pump in Style. I would wait to see if breast feeding is for you before spending a few hundred on a pump. The hospital will let you use a pump while you are there.


Not all hospitals will let you use their pumps if you ask. The hospital where I delivered called themselves “baby friendly.” If you were a breast feeding mother, they didn’t offer any formula and they discouraged me from using the nipple shield that I brought to the hospital (on of the nurses threw it accross the room when I asked about using it to protect my nipples). They also told me not to use the breast pump that I had just purchased. I personally think that [U][I]they were just plain wrong[/I][/U]. My daughter had trouble latching, and I didn’t pump because they told me not to. Well, I almost lost the ability to breast feed or pump. My nipples were shredded so badly when I left at day 5 that I’d cry when she tried to breast feed. At one point, she stopped being willing to even try to latch because they were so rough and scabby.

I ended up pumping for the next 14 months. I do think that I would have benefited from pumping and bottle feeding some early on so that my nipples weren’t damaged so much that neither my daughter or I wanted to breast feed.

I bought my breast pump instead of renting one because hospital grade breast pumps are huge and heavy. I don’t think that I could have taken it back and forth to work everyday. I chose the Medula FreeStyle because it had an internal battery and a hands free system. I feel that the ability to pump when ever and where ever I needed to really made it possible to provide breast milk so long. Because of the battery option, I was able to pump while flying, as a passenger in a car, or at a restaurant.


Thank you to everyone for the advice. I’m looking at the Medela pump in style and thought about adding it to my registry. I appreciate all the input!