Brown discharge @ 5dp5dt


So this afternoon I have started to have some discharge when I wipe :frowning: It really worry’s me because that is exactly what happens a day or 2 before AF shows!!
And AF is due Wednesday…gosh why wont this little suckers stick :frowning:
I caved and also did a test this morning and surprise surprise BFN…looks like Im still on the IVF train


I am sorry for you being sad… but I have to notice it is too early for any disappointment!!! Having 2ww spotting is very, very common in case that women is :preg: . And about HPT, it is too early to have :bfp: , it would be surprise to have it!!! When I had 5dp5dt :bfp: , it was so light that my husband looked and said that there is nothing plus my beta was extremely high!

Chin up, it is not over yet!