Brown discharge instead of period- question


Hi all. This might be one of the TMI posts- but here goes!
I had my first IUI on November 1 (husband and I are using donor sperm). My cycle is anywhere from 31-37 days. So I wasn’t sure if I’d have a short luteal phase this cycle but the nurse said she wasn’t worried.

I digress, on cycle day 30 I started getting brown discharge. I noticed it when I wiped and then throughout the weekend was getting occasional spots in my panty liners. Sometimes there would be red with the brown, but certainly not what I’d expect for a period. This was a first for me- but I looked it up and thought either 1) I’m pregnant and this is implantation bleeding or 2) it’s post IUI spotting from the procedure 5 days ago.

Now, this is my third month on clomid. Last month, my period with Clomid was very light- normally i have 3 days and two are heavy. But that tiem around it was about 2 days of medium flow and then a light day.

So I’m wondering if this brown discharge could be a sign of pregnancy, or may have been my period and that Clomid screwed up my system somehow.

I spoke to a nurse at my clinic and she said that because this is the first time I’ve had brown discharge that this could be a good sign. I’ve been told to test next Monday, the 15th. I did take a test this morning, :bfn: - but realize it might be too soon.

ANyone been through something similar. I don’t want to be too optimistic but at the same time, it’s hard not to be pessimistic. I can see why the 2-week-wait thing drives women crazy!