I just noticed a little brown on the tissue paper. i am 10dp3dt.
Did anyone have this. doyou know if its bad or good. i have my beta on wed, but i dont think its happening. i have had no symptoms only cramoing on and off which could of been gas and a sore back.
I need some hope, do you guys have any good stories for me. thanks


Yes I Am On Vaginal Suppositories.


[QUOTE=essemkay]It could be from that – some cervical irritation. It’s possible, although way late, that it could be implantation spotting. Or, unfortunately, it could be the precursor to AF. So I’m going to hope for choice 2!

Good luck.[/QUOTE]



Anyone?. Today Is 11dp3dt And I Had More Spotting This Morning. It Was Very Dark Brown Almost Black. I Am On Suppositories.
Has Anyone Had A Good Outcome With Spotting 10 & 11dp3dt. I Have Beta Tommorrow. Thanks For Youe Help.


disneygirl I’m in the same spot as you 9dp3dt. I just started spotting brown only when I go to the bathroom. I called my nurse, she told me to keep taking the hormone supplements. However she also told me it didnt look good for me. I hope and :pray: she is wrong. I do not go fro my beta till the 15th. Everyone is different thou. I will :pray: for you too that is goes well.


I had spotting with my last IVF. I now have a 2.5 year old. I think it is pretty common especially with suppositories. Good Luck!!!


I had brown spotting with my first IVF and got pregnant with triplets. I belive you are very pregnant my friend:))


Hi. I was never on suppositories and I always brown spotted 11-15 dpo when I was pregnant. Tons of watery discharge too. First time I thought it was my period. It was from the embryo snuggling in, as I had positive HPT’s on one of them. So, don’t count yourself out because of this, its actually a good thing.

Remember: Everyone’s body reacts totally different to pregnancy. Once you get pregnant, you will know “YOUR” signs.

Good Luck.


I had brown spotting the morning of 11dpo - very mucus-like. Then just a little more in the afternoon. I was sure I was out. I took a FRER hpt that evening (obviously not with FMU) - BFP. I’m now almost 11 weeks. The spotting was not accompanied by cramping but I did have intermittent cramping before, after, and still! Good Luck!


Thanks Guys For Your Replys. I Just Noticed A Bit Of Red On Tissue, Mucus Like. So I Called My Nurses. They Havent Called Me Back Yet. But I Am Guessing Im Out As I Heard Red Is A Bad Thing. I Just Cant Believe This Right Now.


Have you thought about buying a Home pregnancy test?


I Am Too Scared To Test. I Dont Want To See That Bfn. My Nurse Said It May Be Nothing Or It Could Be Start Of Menses, She Said To Take Another Suppository.

The Blood Is Red Now And I Had To Put A Pad On.