BundleMe toddler


Does anyone have one of these? I am wondering how well they work in toddler carseats. Blaine is getting close to 2 and with cold weather blowing in I would like something that he can’t just throw on the floor of the car. We don’t use coats in the carseat because of the safety risk and I have been tucking him in with a blanket. I don’t see that working as it gets colder.


Just as you wouldn’t use a coat because of the safety risk, you also should not use a Bundle Me. Nothing comes between your child and the seat.
Blog about the Bundle Me and car seat usage: The Car Seat Poncho Blog: Why Is the Bundle Me Bad in a Car Seat?

Safe ideas include:


I’m with Kate. I always bring along a jacket, but I just put a sweater or fleece on DS for the car. I bring a blanket sometimes and he will keep it on sometimes. I put a hat and gloves on him. Sometimes he wears them, sometimes they end up on the floor. I try to start the car in advance to warm it. Surprisingly, these little guys are little furnaces. I might be cold but he isn’t. And if he is cold, he will let me know (that is when he will tolerate the blanket).


thanks ladies, I didn’t think of the BundleMe posing the same risks.


Wow, I didn’t know all this either. Thanks for posting this, Kathelen. although, these days I’ve removed the top cover of BM since DD kicks it off all the time and just have her in jacket and blanket (but as jencat said it ends up on the seat most of the times).