Buying Pregnancy Strips in BULK are Expired?!?!


So although Im just starting my 1st month of TTC with treatment, DH and I have been TTC for few years now and It sucks buying these expensive test eah time and getting :bfn:

I just started looking for cheaper alternatives. 2 ladie son here suggested to me Pregnancy Tests Strips

I also found 100 pack of pregnany test strips for $19.95 on Ebay but Im not 100% sure because the reason they are selling so low may be because they are expired right? Ugggk just wondering what you ladies think…Just trying to find a way to save a little $$ during this journey.

100 Pregnancy Test Strips FDA Fast Discrete FREE SHIP! - eBay (item 120489183396 end time Nov-29-10 19:10:30 PST)

What do you ladies think?



Thanks, I checked around and found that the ebay one isnt expired…wheeew wel then YAy for a great deal! I ordered the 100pack and they should be here in a few days.



I’ve bought them previously from and and had good luck with both of them. Something in me doesn’t trust EBay so I don’t buy things off there hardly ever but I know a lot of people have with great success.