C&J Golden In Vitro


My husband (James) and I have have been dealing with infertility for almost ten years now. We have been together for twelve years and married for almost eleven years. We started trying to conceive after getting married , and going on eleven year anniversary in August, with no luck what so ever. We have went to numerous doctors,clinics, medicine, fertility medicine, trial medicine, many many test, and all we have figured out from any of the numerous doctors we have been to and the exploratory surgery I had, was pre-mature ovarian failure, when I was 18-19 years old. We are from a small town in Arkansas and married young but have spent countless dollars on trying to conceive. We have now found this wonderful clinic through some friends and their experience with Fertility Associates of Memphis. Dr. Berzina and the staff have all been wonderful and have given us the most hope we have had in a VERY long time. We will be able to start the IVF process as soon as we have the cash up front. Here is the gofundme link to our story…Please help, donate, share our page. Thank-you!!! gofund.me/goldeninvitro


All the best to you and James! It’s exciting when you can get to the point to do IVF. I haven’t gotten there myself yet, but I imagine so. :slight_smile:


We have to have an egg donor to go any further bc I do not have any. As soon as we get the amount of money we need upfront ($6,000) we can start the process. Thank you :slight_smile: please share our go fund me page, donate,like our page on Fb, anything will help. Thanks again!!!


Sending you loads of well wishes from another little town in Arkansas.:slight_smile: