C-section or natural after IVF?


If your baby was conceived with IVF, did you have a C-section or natural birth? Is this what you chose, or what your OB recommended? Thanks :slight_smile:


I had vaginal delivery, it is what my OB recommended and also what I preferred. If there was a medical reason for me to need a c-section, I would have had one of course.


I had a repeat c-section. I’d had an emergency c-section with a previous natural pregnancy due to major fetal distress. This baby was looking like she had growth issues, so we decided to do another c-section rather than a VBAC. If she’d been a nice 7 pound baby with no issues, I would have tried for vaginal birth. I found the recovery from my first c-section really hard and painful; this one has been better.


I had a c-section due to twins in bad positions for delivery. IVF doesn’t usually dictate anything other than standard delivery. I MUCH preferred my natural birth to my c-section.


My doctors and I had hoped for a vaginal delivery, however, after 12 hours of induced labor, my cervix only dilated 8 cm. Probably due to my cervical cerclage, fibroids, the induction, etc. Ended up with a c-section. By that time I just wanted him out! My epidural didn’t work like it should have.


C-sect here. I had placenta previa that prevented a vaginal birth.


Thanks for all the replies :slight_smile:


100% natural vaginal delivery there’s no more of an indication in and ivf pregnancy for a c section than any other pregnancy