Hoping some of you wonderful folks out there can offer me some advice. I am 31 weeks and have been told my placenta is very low, covering the cervix, and I may need a C-section. We re-check it this week, and if it is still low continue re-checks every week after that. My OB has not used the term but I gather from my own reading that I (possibly) have placenta previa (?). She said the placenta may move on its own. There are also some concerns that the baby is measuring pretty large, he is in the 80th percentile for size.

A few weeks ago I would have welcomed the thought of a C-section for what is an entirely emotional and quite likely dumb reason. I have young-ish stepkids who are very interested in my pregnancy and can’t wait to meet their little brother, woohoo. Unfortunately to cut out 99% of the relevant details while we get along okay with their mother on the surface (we share 50-50 custody with her) we have had many issues with her not respecting our boundaries. I do NOT want her at the hospital either before or after my baby is born. She believes that anything that concerns her kids also concerns her and she has a right to be there. I have had a lot of anxiety about the timing of labor, whether the stepkids will happen to be with her or with us and if they are with her whether or not she will try to bring them to the hospital herself rather than allowing a grandparent or someone to come get them (obviously we want them to meet their brother as soon as possible). I have asked at the hospital and unfortunately they do not have any kind of sign-in procedures for visitors on the postpartum wing, it’s pretty much a free-for-all, anyone can come and go and I don’t feel like I can rely on the nurses (nor is it their job) to keep my stepkid’s mother out of my hospital room.

So, previously I had thought well at least with a C-section we would be able to somewhat plan and control what happens with the kids, since we would know in advance if it’s one of our days or hers (and preferably we would do it on one of our days). I have told my OB about my anxiety regarding the timing of the birth and the stepkid’s mom showing up. She has said even if my placenta moves between now and then she will do an elective C-section if I want, or she will induce me on a day I choose a week before the due date.

Now that I am learning more and more about C-sections I am having second thoughts that I would actually choose this if my placenta moves on its own. I understand the pain and recovery time are more significant than a vaginal birth. My biggest concern is that I very much want to exclusively breastfeed and I think having a C might delay the milk coming in and make BF’ing more difficult. Also I have been told that you can’t hold the baby right away after a C and we’ve been told all along how important it is to have skin-to-skin contact with the baby immediately after birth.

I’d love any and all advice that you guys are willing to offer about C-sections, those of you who have had them, considered them, want them, don’t want them. It’s quite possible I may not get a choice at all if my placenta stays low, but if I do have the choice I want to make the right one. I’m so confused and overwhelmed. Thoughts?


My first c section I was able to hold the baby after they stitched me up. In the post op room they gave him to me. I really don’t think or haven’t ever heard a c section delays your milk. I mean you are still delivering. There is a thread in due date buddies that gives a lot of different opinion on their own experiences. Mine was a positive one, I mean as positive as can be expected. It is a major surgery. You are definitely down longer and need to keep your pain under control. Most women that labor first then have a section have a tougher recovery. Check out the thread it’s pretty good!!


While I have heard of c-sections delaying milk, I haven’t had that problem at all. I had two c-sections and my milk started coming in before I even left the hospital. I had absolutely no problems! I couldn’t hold the babies until I was in recovery which kind of sucked, but it didn’t hinder any bonding and I was able to BF in recovery.


I wasn’t able to hold my baby until after recovery and wasn’t able to try breastfeeding for a few hours. My milk didn’t come in until 3 days after birth, but I don’t know if that was related to the c-section or just the way it was with me.

We are, however, successfully 4 months into exclusively breastfeeding (well, for the last month, she’s been in daycare, so I have to pump and they give her a bottle, but it’s still what I make for her) and still going strong. :smiley:

I will say that I hated the c-section and the recovery – I’m still recovering as I have some issues with nerve damage – but my experience isn’t the norm. I’d do it all again in a heartbeat, but if I had a choice to do a vaginal, I’d take vaginal.

You don’t have to the let the woman into your actual room. She could bring the kids and then go wait in the waiting room.

Good luck!


I had a C-section and my milk came in around day 5. My daughter wasn’t able to be brought to me until I could move my legs so we didn’t try breast feeding for about 2 hours. I think that my milk came in later because my body never had the signal that birth was going to start and I never had contractions. Despite saying that, she was almost exclusively fed breast milk until 8 months and had milk until 14 months.

That being said, I’m very disappointed in your hospital. Ours monitors who comes and goes on the maternity ward due to security issues the babies and the concern that many mothers care for their children in room.

I’m wondering if there was an age issue that could be used to your advantage. Does your hospital allow young people onto the maternity ward? Otherwise, could you just say that you’d like your DH to introduce the children to their new sibling?

Best of luck!


It sounds like everyone’s experience might be a little different, but we were able to hold our son right after my c-section. They did clean him and weigh him first, but then he went right on my chest…same room as the section. We have a family photo of us all together! They then wheeled us to a recovery room where we spent an hour doing skin-to-skin and doing our first breastfeeding. So other than not holding him RIGHT away, that wasn’t a big deal at our hospital. Maybe you should check with your hospital’s policy and make your wishes clear from the very start?

As for breastfeeding, I gave birth on a Wednesday and my milk came in on Sunday. He latched just fine, and did fine on just colostrum until Sunday. We did have some latching issues that first day…I was so engorged that he couldn’t latch properly…but the consultant on the phone had me pump a little and that did the trick. We never once had to supplement with formula, and he just stopped breastfeeding yesterday at 14.5 months. I miss it so much already, but it was time :frowning:

My biggest issues with the c-section was that I labored a looonnnng time and didn’t get the birth experience I wanted. Additionally, recovery was quite painful and I felt it took some of the attention away that I wanted to give our son. I also don’t like the numbness of the scar, and the feeling of being “weakened” in that area, if that makes sense. I am going to try for a vbac if we are lucky to get pregnant again.

I do know that a c-section is basically required for placenta previa (I had that at 15 weeks but it went away by 20), so don’t worry if you have to have one. But, my personal opinion would be to try for a vaginal delivery if you can. I think that’s a decision everyone needs to make for themselves, though! The issues you mentioned…breastfeeding and skin-to-skin…were NOT issues with my section. Best wishes!


I had a csection with my daughter and am scheduled for another one with my second. I had no problems at all, I had the c section on a friday and the following Friday was at an xmas party, not running around the room but was comfortable. In one week I felt good, by two weeks I felt fine. When tehy took my daughter out they cleaned her and wrapped her then let me hold her and kiss her then they took her to get weighed witih my husband. I was back in the room in 20 mins. and have had ever since with her, bonding was not an issue (trust me she doesn’t leave my side). I was so upset when I first found out I had to have one (she was breech) but so happy with how well it went. I considered a vbac very briefly and just didn’t feel the risks were worth it, again that is a very personal decision and I don’t think there is a right or wrong. Each way different people heal differently, my sister had a terrible labour and was sore longer than I was, some people who have c sections have very painful reocveries. I think its about risk, if you have no issues than vaginal is the way that it is suppose to happen,if there is some sort of risk/issue for vaginal do the c section, either way has a recovery so go for the best likely outcome for a healthy baby for your personal situation.