Caffeine, Sugar, Alcohol


Is it mandatory that I give up caffeine and sugar? Alcohol is a given of course. Should I be giving up anything else?


Not mandatory (and I’ve never heard of any proscription on sugar), but caffeine isn’t implantation friendly, so if you have any lining or implantation issues at all, I’d avoid it for at least the 2ww.


I love the quote in your signature. I just watched The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, and I heard that quote in the movie! It’s beautiful. Anyway, back on topic. Are you seeing a naturopath? I am asking because I used to see one, and they told me EVERYTHING was bad for you, including caffeine and sugar and wheat. I followed her plan for a while, but I was miserable. Life without coffee is no life for me! I think the best thing you can do is eat well, and drink coffee and eat sugar in moderation. I’ve even had a glass of wine during the two week wait.


I’m not giving up real sugar just fakey aspirtamime sugar. Like what is in pop and other drinks. Giving up coffee is alot harder than I thought. My friend is studying physics and genetics and told me that the human body actually takes 6 months to accept something new; like a caffeine free diet when it is used to it. Therefore, if it has to accept a new dietary change plus try to grow a baby at the same time then that is when bad things happen to babies. Spinal bifida and mental retardation run in our families, and after working with that community for 6 years, I am just really afraid that I will try so hard to get pregnant and then something will be wrong with the baby.