CAH - congenital adrenal hyperplasia anyone>?


Hi there,
New to this. Just wondering if anyone out there has been diagnosed w/ CAH? My RE diagnosed me w/ this, and I’ve been on 1st spironolactone, now prednisone. Clomid didn’t work, and I just got a BFN after 1st round of follistim. Bummed. also, just cannot seem to lose any weight even w/ exercise. Wondering if I have a thyroid problem. Anyone else out there with similar issues?



Hi Deanna,

I would suggest you get checked out by an Endocrinologist. RE’s are great, but they are strictly Reproductive Endocrinologists, meaning they deal primarily with hormones that affect and control menstruation and reproduction. An Endocrinologist deals with it all, ie. all hormones and glands throughout your body. They often get a bigger and better picture of how things work or are affected. I go to one myself because I am hypothyroid and my Thyroid went nuts during my first cycle and she has been invaluable.

You might also do some research on CAH and check out treatments and symptoms. I have attached a link to Wikipedia about CAH. I hope it helps.

Congenital adrenal hyperplasia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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