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Any experiences with Dr. Zouves, Nova Ivf or RSC? I’ve gone to FPNC for a study. I will never go back. I’m currently with RSC and considering a change. I’m not sure though. Does anyone have any experiences at these places they’d like to share?


Hi Mel, I am currently with RSC too. My IVF#1 was in Feb, it was a BFN, FET in June, it was a chemical pregnancy. I was thinking to go to Kaiser for my IVF#2, but decided to have one more try with them. My doctor thought I responded very well with my first protocol so we stayed with the same drugs, I ended up going in for a day 3 transfer and no embryos to freeze :frowning:
My ivf#1 I did a day 5 transfer and had 3 extra to freeze. So I am not very optimistic for this cycle, but I am now 5wks6days pregnant!! Going in for my 1st ultrasound tomorrow.

Are you doing a cycle with RSC now or back in May? Is this your first time with them? May I ask why you want to change? The reasons I stayed with them because I was quite satisfy with my first protocol and their SART rate is one of the top ones in the bay area.


I’m also at RSC. I’ve had two unsuccessful IUIs. I’ve had one round of IVF (no fresh transfer due to PCOS risk of OHSS and want to do PGS testing) with only 2 normal embryos to freeze. I’m scheduled for my first transfer next week (FET). I’ve looked up SART rate as well and they do have a higher success rate. The only other significantly higher success rate for FET I see is UCSF. I’m happy with RSC as well, but I’m fairly new to IVF so I’ll keep you updated.


I have done my IUI’s with RSC and 2 complete Ivf’s with them. I just finished my best IVF cycle with them but it has ended in a chemical. (I can’t figure out how to change my signature.) Anyway, I really like them and certainly may stay there. You are hope that just because I had a chemical doesn’t mean I can’t go on to get pregnant. Good luck at your ultra sound tomorrow. Keep me posted!!


Good luck with FET next week. Hoping for some good news for you.


Good luck with your transfer! Hope you will get your BFP soon.