Calling all January 2014 mommies!


Hi ladies!

Looking for others similarly situated. Just got pregnant after my third IVF cycle. Had high NK cell count so did IVIG and dexamethasone this time. Had my first beta 13 days post 3 day trasfer. It was 500. Very excited to begin this journey! This is my first baby. We’ve been trying to conceive for a year and 4 months.

Any other January mommies out there? :cheer:


Hi Arizona and Congrats on the BFP!! There is already a thread for January moms on here called January 2014 Due Date Buddies. They are some wonderful ladies, I have been on there but haven’t posted there yet, waiting on more beta results and an ultrasound to confirm my Due Date of 31 Jan first. Hope to see you on there soon and congrats again!!!