Can acupuncture help fertility?


Hello everyone,

I have an irregular cycle.Now i am on TTC last 2 years. I tried with Clomid but didn’t worked now i am on injectable medicine (Gonal-f 75unit).My 1st round of IUI got BFN.
I just want to know that;
Could i take acupuncture during Injectable drug with IUI?
Is this helpful for only IVF patient?
Please share your experiences who had success story acupuncture during IUI??


I’ve been doing acupuncture with clomid and next month with my first round of injectables. I haven’t gotten pregnant yet but I feel like the acupuncture helps with my stress level and that makes it totally worth it.


I started acupuncture about one week before I started my first round on injections.i went in twice a week until after my iui then once a week. I ended up getting pregnant. I’m only 5 weeks so I have a long way to go before I’ll feel confidant in this pregnancy but I’m continuing the acupuncture. I don’t know how much the acupuncture helped fertility but it helped and is still helping my stress level. It just felt like an overall calmer, more content cycle than my two prior iui cycles. I think if you feel it can help you, go for it!