Can any IVF-ers help me figure if things progressing normally?


I’m hoping someone understands how to date an IVF pregnancy better than I do and can advise me as I’m trying to guage how viable my BFP is at this point. The story is that I did my first IVF cycle and got a BFP but the beta was quite low. Two repeat betas showed it going up but not quite doubling. So my RE asked me to wait a week and just did an internal ultrasound this morning. The good news is that the pregnancy is in utero (and not ectopic!) Whew. The doctor described the embryo as very small but showing a yolk sac. She dated it as 5 weeks 1 day. I’m trying to figure out if this means it’s about the right size or still too small given that I did a Day 3 transfer 3 weeks and 2 days ago. The doc confused me by saying both that I’m really about 5 weeks 5 days out (a miscalculation??) and also that the size of the embryo was okay. Not sure what to think. Anyone know how to count the date of the pregnancy with IVF? Trying to gauge how viable this is . . .


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Thanks so much! That was very helpful. Good luck with your ER next week!!


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As far as I’m aware you count it from the day of ovulation just as you would a non IVF pregnancy. So the date of egg retrieval (ovulation) would be classed as day 1 of pregnancy as eggs are fertilised that day. Fingers crossed all is progressing well for you :slight_smile: