Can chinese medicine lower my FSH score and improve the quality of my eggs?


l got an fsh score of 21, few months ago it was even gynae wanted to check how many eggs l had left,unfortunately l should of got score of 15 but mine was only 3.which means very few left and of poor quality.he could offer me no fertility treatments that would help me.l feel only options left is chinese or herbal medicine.l have seen this on the web but which do l turn?
can anyone offer some advice please.


Although our fertility issue is a male factor one, I have been looking for inspiration from many sources. I just read the book “Inconceivable” and its about a woman who had a FSH level higher than 42, and brought it way down by use of Chinese medicine (herbal treatments, acupuncture), psychotherapy, massage, yoga, and diet. I would strongly recommend checking it out.


I know one Chinese therapy which can improve your result…