Can follicle count increase after you start stims?


Before I started stims I had 10 follicles. I’ve now been stimming for 4 days and now only have 4 follicles. My Egg Retrieval is one week from today, is it possible for more follicles to appear in one week? or am I only stuck with 4 now?

What were your follicle counts before stims, during and how many at retreival?


I had ~6 follicles before stims. After 4 days on stims I had 4 follicles. My doctor let me stim for several more days since I’m a slow starter, and I ended up with 19 eggs.

The next time you have an u/s, ask how many unmeasurable follicles you have (follicles that measure less than 10). These follicles may have plenty of time to catch up.