Can Frozen embryos be transferred to another clinic?


I’ve searched & not found the answer to the questions if Frozen embryos(blasts day 5) can be transferred to another clinic. I would also be concerned the current clinic would be careless when handing the blasts to a new clinic. Anyone ever done this?

(Long story short…I am unhappy with the clinic I have been at for 9 months. I’ve had 3 failed AI & a failed fresh transfer b-c my dr couldn’t get the cath in. My FET Beta came back positive but low…then the numbers dropped. The FET took over a half hour & was painful. I can’t help feeling like that is why it all fell through). I have been unhappy with my RE’s lack of fixing issues & actually almost switched to another RE in the clinic before my FET. Who knows if I had followed my gut if things would have turned out different.)


Absolutely!! I have had our embryos shipped twice. Our first cycle was in Hawaii and we ended up with one frostie from that cycle. Our second cycle was in Indiana. We had the Hawaii embryo shipped to Indiana and then got 6 more frosties from that cycle. Now we are in Seattle :slight_smile: (yes, we move a lot for work). All 7 of our embryos were shipped here and I am now pregnant from an FET.
The labs do an amazing job at coordinating the shipping. They are very concerned with the safety of your embryos and wouldn’t do anything to jeapordize that. One lab did suggest that we split up the 7 embryos into 2 shipments just in case anything were to happen to one of the shipments, but we chose not to. I just had faith that they would be fine…and they were. I think once you talk to your receiving lab, you will feel confident in their ability to ship. It’s done all the time.


Yes you can!

My DH and I moved our 6 embryos ourselves :). My old
clinic is only a few blocks away from our new
clinic. We’re lucky coz the embryologist at the old
clinic is so awesome he didnt even charge us for borrowing the cryo tank. My new clinic asked us to pay a $50 deposit. All we need to make sure is to hold the tank
upright and never take off the lid. The tank is about 15 pounds and about 2.5 feet high.

You can pay it to be shipped. At my old clinic they charge $350 to ship it. You need to sign consent forms at your old and new clinics. If you can borrow a cryo tank from your current/new clinic and they are within drivable distance, i would suggest you do it yourself. Make sure both embryologists will be available on the day you schedule your pickup/dropoff.


That is good information to know! I am so-so with my clinic not sure I am happy there. I am thinking if this cycle doesn’t work I will be moving to a new one. We only have 3 clinics here in Las Vegas so I don’t have many options.