Can I bear the costs?


Hi All,
We had been to RE (second opinion), she examined all our reports and told that she wants second round of tests(SA,SHG(sonohysterogram) and bloodwork(AMG,FSH,…))
Once we get the results, she told she would start on clomid with assisted reproduction. My insurance deductible is very high($2500). And only bloodwork is covered, the SHG and SA costs should be beared by me(which would be nearly $700). I wanted to the cost of Ultrasound and Bloodwork that are done while taking clomid.
Should I wait for until I get my new insurance in April where only the diagnostics are covered, but the deductible is low?

Further if we go for iui?
I am confused, pls suggest me :frowning: :frowning:
Thank you!


You have to decide what is best for you. If you will have new insurance in April what will they cover? You said only a diagnosis? In your signature it states that you are unexplained so maybe footing the bill now would make sense if you can get a diagnosis? On the other hand once your deductible is covered is it covered 100%. You may want to wait until April to start treatments as then all your money paid will go to the new deductible. But if they won’t cover unexplained than you are paying out of pocked either way.


Like the previous post stated it is really your call. How much longer can you wait? Will waiting these few months drive you crazy? I know waiting is hard but in the long run a few months is not that big a deal. I had to pay out of pocket for my IVF and was thankful that all the testing and IUI’s were covered up to that as it got VERY expensive. Saving where you can is probably a good idea. I would check to see what will and wont be covered just to be sure.

Good luck. Hope you find success soon.


Thanks for your replies. Could you give an
Estimate of how much it would cost me with
Clomid(and u/s) n IUI n U/s?

So I can plan accordingly.

Thank You!


Sorry. I don’t have the price. Mine was covered by a state issued mandate to cover IUI’s. Check to see if your state has that mandate.

Good luck.


It depends on how many ultrasounds you have and the costs vary by clinic as well. Mine was $400 for each ultrasound x 2 (clomid/femara cycle) + another $400 for IUI + $200 for sperm wash. The $400 includes costs of bloodwork. So you’re looking at $1400 total. I would say the cost is somewhere between $1200-$1800. It’s best to call the department that handle $ at your clinic. They would be able to tell you what is covered and how much you have to pay/insurance would pay. But that is what the clinic charges. What the insurance pay is a different story. If the clinic is an in-network clinic, the insurance pay a negotiated / lower rate than what the clinic charges. Not sure if they would negotiate a lower rate with patients though.

I also second the other posters that you call your insurance company and ask them what is covered before proceeding to see the $ people at the clinic you plan on going to.

Good luck.



It definetly depends on your office. I did 3 IUI cycles. The meds weren’t to bad, I was on Letrozole but I had used clomid for 4 months also the they cost me about the same. $10.00. The HCG (trigger shot) was $60.00 and my insurance covered the office visit but not for the nurse to actually give it to me so that was $25.00. The actual IUI for me was $300 for day one and $200.00 if we choose todo follow up the next day (which we always did). That included the sperm wash. So each month was about $600.00.

Best Wishes!! I know lots of people who have had success with IUI’s. We are still trying IUI but using injectibles now. A friend of mine did Clomid/IUI and ended up with triplets :wink:


Thank You for your replies!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I have got some idea on the cost. Our present insurance doesn’t cover infertility treatment benefits, only the medications(for 6cycles) are covered. I have called up the office(clinic) today, may be I am expecting a reply by tomorrow. We are planning to go ahead with the current insurance as in both the case the fertility treatments are not covered, all we may loose is about $700 that we spend for the diagnosis. We don’t want to wait further more as we are in a total dilemma as what could be the issue with us.